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Bring on Rock, Rap and Indie, bring on Hip Hop, Pop, bring on Classical, Dance and Soul!
If you want to make your own music video without any outside help, we applaud you it's how we started and it's an attitude that has served us well; Our blog contains a number of articles that will help you on your way.
- CDub (Founder 8000Films)


Saeon -#Aii Remix

AZ'D ft Payper

Radio Boy, Akba, Muno

Williams Uchemba

Payper ft Ycee

Saeon Moruda -#Aii

Charles A. Ogbonna

Ogbonna Charles is a highly proficient video director/editor with vast skill set when it comes to cinematography, video editing, colouring and more…
Charles Also Known As Cdub is the founder and CEO of 8000FILMS; a Nigerian production company that specialises in the realms of musical videos. He hails from Imo state, Nigeria and resides in Lagos where he started his Videography career and later travelled to Cape Town, London amongst other cities(and production houses) to gain more, exposure, knowledge, skills and expertise.
Cdub has excellent client etiquette, patient, delivers under pressure, and is known to be a spontaneous thinker who has shot and/or produced A-List music video projects with Ycee, Saeon, Imike to mention a few.